Välkommen till Southern Lanta apartment

Welcome to Southern Lanta apartment

As we informed you in the welcome letter this is a privately owned apartment and both we and the owners want to keep the apartment in the best possible condition. We ask you to consider this and  be careful  with everything that belongs to the apartment. If something would disappear or break during your stay, please inform us as soon as possible.

There are at least two sets of bedlinen and towels per bed   

The owner have a contract with a laundry service, that picks up and deliver laundry to your  apartment. All the laundry that belongs to the apartrment must be given to this service provider. The cleaners take care of this in connection with the weekly cleaning. Of course you are also allowed to send your private laundry for an extra cost in this convenient way, there are a bag intended for this.

Weekly cleaning is included.

Keep both the inside and the outside of the apartment free from food scraps, otherwise insects and other animals will quickly be attracted.

Garbage should be thrown in the bins that are placed behind the security guard.

Avoid throwing too much paper in the toilet, since it easily get stuck. Don’t throw anything other than toilet paper.

Please turn off the AC when you leave the house since it uses a lot of electricity.

Electricity and water are not included in the rent. We will check the meter and the cost will be deducted from the deposit you already paid.

The plants at the balcony would be happy if they get some water.

You are not allowed to smoke inside the apartment or on the balconies.

Pets are not allowed in the apartment.

Furniture and textiles that are made for indoor use are not allowed outside.

Close doors and windows when you are not in the apartment.

In Saladan Dr Pad has a clinic open 24/7.+66(0)98 882 0913

You also find Dr Salarin clinic on this beach. +66(0)81 569 9976

Emergency call: 191

Most importantly:

Enjoy your stay and relax.

Things to keep in mind before checking out:

Two days before check out we ask you to leave all the dirty laundry belonging to the apartment (except one set per person).

Empty the fridge and throw the garbage.

Take your valuables from the safety box and leave it open.

Its always possible to reach one of us if you have any problems with the apartment. In some areas there are signs with service numbers but you shouldn’t use those instead contact us directly and we will do our best to help you.

You are welcome to call us at: 088-4429113

Thank you for taking care of the apartment for us.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Koh Lanta!

Jojo Lanta Rental