Good to know

You pay 20% in booking fee which is non-refundable and the rest no later than 60 days before arrival. Should something happen that makes it impossible for you to use your accommodation, you can usually solve it with your insurance company.
The deposit is regulated against electricity and water costs. If you have used less electricity and water than the size of the deposit, you will get the remaining amount back at check-out.

We meet you with keys and information at the accommodation. We also read electricity and water together.
One of us is always available by phone.

Check out
We read electricity and water and regulate the cost against the deposit you paid at the time of booking.

Our accommodation includes wi-fi with fiber. Many restaurants offer free WiFi. You can buy SIM cards for your mobile at Seven Eleven or in phone shops at Lanta. Many restaurants offer free WiFi. You can buy SIM cards for your mobile at Seven Eleven or in phone shops at Lanta.

Electricity and water
Electricity costs about as much as in Sweden. The cost depends entirely on how much you use the AC.

Cleaning and washing
Weekly cleaning is included in all accommodations.
The owners have different agreements when it comes to laundry, some homes include weekly washing of the house’s textiles. However, the house’s textiles must always be left to the applicable laundry company.
Final cleaning and final cleaning are included in the service fee.

You can book transfers on our website under the transfer tab. There is also information about prices.

There are a large number of 7 / eleven stores on the island. They have most things you could need during your stay. If you want to go shopping, you go to Saladan, where there is a larger grocery store. There are also some bakeries and delicatessens on the island.

Bank and ATM

There are many ATMs on Lanta. Thanachart Bank and Siam Commercial Bank are located in Saladan and Kasikorn Bank is located at the entrance to Southern Lanta Resort on Klong Dao Beach.

The range is large, both along the main road and by the beaches. Inside Saladan are several seafood restaurants.
In addition to Thai food, international food is also served in many places.

The rules for visas change from time to time. For current information read more at Thai embassy
If you need to extend your visa, the easiest way to get to immigration is in Krabi. Bring passports and photos.

You should review your basic protection. Read more here

Healthcare / pharmacy
Lanta has a hospital outside the Old Town and a health center in Saladan. There are many pharmacies on the island and most have staff with good knowledge. New clinics are opened every season. We recommend Dr. Salarin Clinic at Long beach.

Tuk-tuk and taxi
A convenient way to get around on Lanta is with a Tuk Tuk. If the driver has an orange, numbered vest, he is checked by the local transport board. You can also choose to take a taxi with a flatbed truck.

Rent a moped and car
You can rent a moped in several places for 200-250 thb / day. If you rent for longer periods, you can get the price down quite a lot. Take it easy in traffic and wear a helmet. If you rent a car, an international driving license that you obtain via Motormännen in Sweden applies.

There are mosquitoes on Lanta, you protect yourself best by treating yourself with mosquito repellent that you buy on the spot.

Children’s articles

You can buy baby food and diapers at Lanta. Lanta mart, which is located in Saladan, has the largest selection, but it is also available at 7 / Eleven and at pharmacies.

Drinking water

You should not drink tap water but it is good to brush your teeth in. There is a water truck that drives around Lanta with water bottles, place your empty can with 20 thb under the lid and you will get a new one. The ice is made from drinking water.


Pack down thin and above all comfortable clothes and nothing that you are too afraid of. Avoid wearing swimwear when you are not on the beach.